Coloring São Miguel dos Milagres

Stencil Workshop - S. Miguel dos Milagres - May 2011

This year, we initiated a fruitful collaboration with the designers Bete Paes and Joana Lira.

The partnership was born from a dream – of Joana (big fan of São Miguel), Jessy and Tsachi (owners of Amendoeira) and Gil (artisan and waiter of the hotel) – to encourage the region’s craft activity as a sustainable way of living and as income generation for youth and women of the community.

From this dream, was born the first arts and crafts workshop, taught by Bete and Joana (and organized by the Amendoeira team) between May 2nd and 6th, 2011.
In this first module of the workshop, the 15 participants, including youth and women of nearby villages, were introduced to the technique of fabric printing with stencils, focusing on creating handmade products with local identity and design quality.

The outcome of this first workshop can be seen, not only in beautifully designed placemats and eco-bags, but also in the smiles of 15 new artisans.
Since then, each one of them introduced fabric making to their daily lives, creating and selling their own products, and thus, significantly helping with family income.

The group has been invited by the city of S. Miguel dos Milagres to color and design the municipal auditorium and is soon opening a craft studio and shop in the local village of Toque.

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Check out: snapshots of the workshop in our photo gallery!

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