Sustainable Health

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Here at Amendoeira, we believe that healthy cuisine can and should be both delicious and nutritious. Hence, the recipes on this menu are elaborated with fresh and wholegrain ingredients, with high nutritional value. Our focus is in organic products, directly from our vegetable garden to your table, or locally sourced from farmers around the area.

The dining experience we wish to provide you is also intimatelly linked to the quest for minimal impact on the beatiful nature that surrounds us. So, besides turning all food leftovers into compost, we avoid the use of packaging and destine our non-organic residues to waste recycling.


Oh, before we forget: we are ready to accomodate to your nutricional intoleraces and allergies. And, throughout the menu, you will nd indications of dishes that are or can become vegetarian.

Come share this experience with us!

Traveller's Palm Tree


We are thrilled to present to you our newest bungalow!

Surrounded by coconut palms and greenery the ”Palmeira do Viajante”  (The Traveller’s Palm Tree)  offers breadth and comfort without sacrificing warmth!

Indoors: living room with bar and small internal garden, bedroom with a king size bed, 2 bathrooms, one of them with an outdoors Japanese hot tub.

Outdoors: private garden with swimming pool and terrace with hammocks. The bungalow sleeps up to four people, two in the bedroom and two in the living room.

We warmly invite you to come check it out!






Happy 2014!!!

deck Amendoeira

We started 2014 on the right foot – barefoot, sandy and in the water, of course!

To begin the year with us, take a look at  “The Guardian UK”, where we were featured as a 2014 vacation hotspot: “Holiday Hotspots: Where to go in 2014” – The Guardian UK – Fri, Jan 03, 2014.

We wish you a new year with plenty of sunshine and seawater!!!

10 reasons why you should visit São Miguel dos Milagres

Feliz Destino - Happy Destiny

1. São Miguel dos Milagres is a paradise still untouched by mass tourism. The region offers visitors a positively serene experience of unspoilt beaches and tranquil pousadas.

2. The always warm and emerald green waters of Praia do Toque invite you to take long and relaxing baths. If you are lucky enough to be here on a full moon, night bathing will surely become an unforgettable moment.

3. The white sand strip nestled between countless palm trees at Praia do Morro. This beach can only be reached by a quick boat ride through Camaragibe river, so you can expect nothing less than total peace and tranquility.

4. There are coral reefs and natural pools just a few feet from the shore. For a different experience, boats and rafts can take visitors on outings to explore the marine life deeper out in the ocean.

5. Go for a swim in the waters of the Tatuamunha river or enjoy a guided tour to observe wild manatees and support the local project for their preservation.

6. There’s something for everyone here, where you can blend in with nature by going on kayak rides, snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, taking long walks on the beach or just by stretching in the sun for as long as you please.

7. Take in the amazing views of the region, from the breathtaking view from above at Mirante do Farol, to the unique sunset viewpoint from a jagada boat or the sun rising over the pristine ocean water.

8. Go for a bicycle ride through small villages, where time has stood still for generations. Experience the laid back friendliness and hospitality of its local community, and take time to appreciate the arts and crafts made by the region’s artisans.

9. Brazilian northeastern food is the very expression of its people: a delightful combination of races and heritages. Start the day by having guava and coalho cheese tapiocas, have a feast with fresh seafood for lunch and celebrate Brazil by having a taste of luscious caipirinhas at sunset.

10. Pousada da Amendoeira! If you cherish the love for the outdoors, the sun, the sea breeze, the soothing sound of the waves…and believe that happiness is found in simple moments such as walking barefoot in the sand, come to our tropical hideout. Our atmosphere exhales charm and tranquility, where exclusiveness and simplicity are spread amongst our eight bungalows and throughout the gardens that blend with the calm and crystalline waters of Praia do Toque. Precious details are revealed in our homemade breads, cakes and granola at breakfast and continue to delight with snacks by the beach and at the restaurant where you can discover reinterpretations of international cuisine with regional touches. Allow yourself unforgettable days of laid-back indulgence.

And if you already know São Miguel dos Milagres, you are certainly aware that you don´t need rational excuses to come back…

Brazilian Paradise

coral reef at s.miguel dos milagres

Dear Friends,

Take a peek at this wonderful piece about our paradise, published in The Irish Times this month: Paradise found in Brazil – The Irish Times – Sat, Oct 08, 2011


Amendoeira Staff

Coloring São Miguel dos Milagres

Stencil Workshop - S. Miguel dos Milagres - May 2011

This year, we initiated a fruitful collaboration with the designers Bete Paes and Joana Lira.

The partnership was born from a dream – of Joana (big fan of São Miguel), Jessy and Tsachi (owners of Amendoeira) and Gil (artisan and waiter of the hotel) – to encourage the region’s craft activity as a sustainable way of living and as income generation for youth and women of the community.

From this dream, was born the first arts and crafts workshop, taught by Bete and Joana (and organized by the Amendoeira team) between May 2nd and 6th, 2011.
In this first module of the workshop, the 15 participants, including youth and women of nearby villages, were introduced to the technique of fabric printing with stencils, focusing on creating handmade products with local identity and design quality.

The outcome of this first workshop can be seen, not only in beautifully designed placemats and eco-bags, but also in the smiles of 15 new artisans.
Since then, each one of them introduced fabric making to their daily lives, creating and selling their own products, and thus, significantly helping with family income.

The group has been invited by the city of S. Miguel dos Milagres to color and design the municipal auditorium and is soon opening a craft studio and shop in the local village of Toque.

Join Us: To learn more, contribute and participate in our projects, share your ideas and opinions or to receive information about upcoming workshops, please contact us.

Check out: snapshots of the workshop in our photo gallery!

Starry nights, Romantic Dinners and Garden Parties….

Dinner at the Garden

A stay with us promises to delight you by day and spoil you by night!

Each Night, dinner is prepared by our inventive kitchen (using fresh catch, ingredients from our garden and local delicacies!) and served in our restaurant and in the outdoor guest area.

Celebrating a special occasion or feeling like treating yourself and your loved one? Ask our staff to prepare you a romantic candlelit dinner by the beach, in the privacy of your bungalow or out in the garden!

Or join us for our occasional garden parties, with local live music, special dinners and lots of happiness…

To get an idea of what we are talking about, check out our Flickr page!

Bom Apetite!


Welcome Manatees!

peixe boi

Dear friends,

A few days ago, we had the pleasure of accompanying the arrival of two manatees in the river Tatuamunha.

The translocation of the manatees named “Guga”and “Acu” is part of the reintroduction program of marine manatees, developed by a government funded program called Projeto Peixe-boi/ICMBio and its partners, in order to re-colonize an area of historical occupation and connect isolated populations, thereby contributing for the conservation of this extremely threatened species.

Before gaining freedom and meeting the other manatees in the river, Guga and Assu will undergo a period of rehabilitation at the enclosure built in the riverbed of the Tatuamunha river. The intention is that they adapt to current conditions, temperature, water turbidity and tidal variation before their final release.

We wish good luck to our new friends!


Amendoeira Staff

Our Bet

Rio Tatuamunha

Brazil still isn´t like Costa Rica, which GDP is consisted largely by the tourism developed in national parks (over 6% of the total). But we believe the trend here is the same: more and more people will value places that are preserved, unspoiled and able to conserve their original energy.
This is what makes Praia do Toque, São Miguel dos Milagres, and all the surrounding Costa dos Corais (Coral Coast) one of the most special places in the Brazilian coast. And they deserve all our efforts to continue like this …

Warm regards,

Amendoeira Staff


This is our new website! Here we will stay in touch and tell you about the news from our home and São Miguel dos Milagres area. We are always improving our services and acomodations with new ideas and projects…let´s keep on moving, right?

All the best and talk to you soon,

Amendoeira Staff

A special thanks to Fernanda, author of all those incredible pictures!