Attractions to keep your feet on the ground and your mind open

Natural Pools
There are natural pools in front of the pousada, which can be reached by foot, and also countless other pools and reefs accessible by jangada boats. The tour offers moments of contemplation at the bottom of the sea and talks with fishermen about their stories and adventures.

During boat tours on the clear waters of the Tatuamunha River, it is possible to observe manatees, that are being reintroduced by IBAMA into their natural habitat.

Tatuamunha River Bank
Three km north of the inn, the Tatuamunha River is a mandatory stop for visitors in the region.

Breathtaking Views
Spread throughout Costa dos Corais, different viewpoints offer panoramic views of villages, coconut trees and nuances of the sea’s blue and green waters.

Morro Beach
It is possible to go by car or bicycle to Morro beach, one of the most beautiful and preserved beaches in the entire country.

Lage and Patacho Beaches
Voted as the most “primitive” beach in Brazil, Patacho beach is 10 km away from the hotel and is right beside the also very special Laje beach.

Ecotourism Trails
In vast coconut tree farms, by foot or bicycle, on roads that connect headquarters of colonial farms to their farmhouses, the trails lead to Atlantic Forest preservation areas.

Tropical Flowers
Exotic flower plantations can be visited on farms that cultivate them for export and also for distribution in the majority of the Brazilian territory.


Crafts in the region are usually sold at the homes of the artisans themselves, who open their doors to tourists and use as raw materials different parts of the coconut tree, banana tree straw and leather, amongst other materials.