Getting Here

São Miguel dos Milagres is located 100 km away from Maceió; the trip from the Alagoas capital to the hotel takes about 1.5 hour; the access can also be made via Recife, which is 160 km away, on a 3-hour travel. The hotel offers shuttle services from Maceió, Recife and nearby cities.

From Maceió (100 km):

  • * Take the AL-101 North and follow this road until arriving to São Luiz do Quitunde
  • * Turn right at AL-435, on the Barra de Camaragibe direction
  • * Drive until arriving to Povoado do Toque and turn right when you see the sign to Amendoeira

From Recife (160 km):

  • * Take the BR-101 road until Cabo and, then, the PE-60 road until the border with Alagoas
  • * The PE-60 road becomes AL-101 and takes to Japaratinga
  • * Cross Japaratinga and travel another 11 km to Pontal
  • * Take the ferry that crosses the Manguaba river until Porto de Pedras
  • * In Porto de Pedras, turn left on the main street
  • * Go to Povoado do Toque (15 km) and turn left when you see the sign to Amendoeira

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