Welcome Manatees!

peixe boi

Dear friends,

A few days ago, we had the pleasure of accompanying the arrival of two manatees in the river Tatuamunha.

The translocation of the manatees named “Guga”and “Acu” is part of the reintroduction program of marine manatees, developed by a government funded program called Projeto Peixe-boi/ICMBio and its partners, in order to re-colonize an area of historical occupation and connect isolated populations, thereby contributing for the conservation of this extremely threatened species.

Before gaining freedom and meeting the other manatees in the river, Guga and Assu will undergo a period of rehabilitation at the enclosure built in the riverbed of the Tatuamunha river. The intention is that they adapt to current conditions, temperature, water turbidity and tidal variation before their final release.

We wish good luck to our new friends!


Amendoeira Staff

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